Laughing Moon Yoniverse | Erica Andrews Athens Ohio Midwife

A lover. Mother of five. Placenta aficionado. Crafter of light, spinner of words. A keeper of sacred space. A portrait to remember your face. Erica Andrews is an anthropologist, storyteller, and midwife who is passionate about life, female empowerment, keeping birth sacred, oxytocin magic, and the cultural blending of nature and nurture. In her rare moments of free time she likes to pair words with images, a visual journal of sorts; follow her on Instagram @laughing.moon to read more.


  • If ya havent noticed Im taking off masks Three weekshellip
  • What Can I say? Words just wont come I lookhellip
  • Full Moon Belly This right here is real life alchemyhellip
  • Gonna get real with ya for a minute I amhellip
  • Animals and birth Such a unique perfect pair I havehellip
  • BEYOUtifulU day 12 cuchira Can you break up with someonehellip